Ready for Combat

If you’ve browsed fashion magazines, followed an influencer, or caught any fashion campaigns, you’d know by now that combat boots were one of the hottest fall/winter trends. They exploded onto the scene and you won’t see them disappearing anytime soon as we head into spring. They’re versatile enough that you can transition them from straight-legged jeans right over to your favorite t- cut-offs. 

The combat boots of our season come in many shapes and sizes. I’ve seen them with buckles, with bling, white ones, super chunky heeled ones and even some with a pointier toe. I debated most of the winter. I wanted a pair. I just wasn’t sure which pair I wanted. I have to be careful with combat boots–most people do actually. They can quickly go from trendy and tasteful to Herman Munster. I don’t need to rock the Herman Munster. I already have a size ten narrow foot that suddenly looks like a size thirteen in chunky heeled or overly pointy shoes. I needed something that wouldn’t make me look like I was dragging a medicine ball behind me.

I finally narrowed it down and just when I was about to pull the trigger on this pair by Sam Edelman.

I suddenly saw everyone and their third cousin in them. Now, this may not bother you. If it doesn’t, this is an awesome pair. But it bothers me and I wanted something a little more unique. I came across another pair on one of my favorite bloggers’ sites. They’re by Via Spiga and I immediately went to purchase them. I was ecstatic to see the normally $350 boots on sale for $137. You can shop them here. I loved this pair. They were the classic combat boot. Minimal and without an overly blocky heel. They fit a half size big so be sure to size down if you purchase them. They arrived and trust me, the pictures do not do them justice. They are spectacular, well made and very comfortable. 

Combat boots can be intimidating. How do you wear them? If you were like me, I grew up in the nineties where the best way to wear them was with ripped jeans and flannel. Now, you can definitely still do that—and play all the Nirvana you want—but I have a few other options for you that might be worth exploring with your new boots. Hey, maybe you still have those combat boots in the closet from the nineties —dig them out and give these looks a whirl. 

1.) Spring is in the Air.

This outfit is willing spring to arrive–and fashionably. Pair the combat boots with a basic t-shirt dress and throw on your favorite jacket for an easy spring transition. The dress is feminine but the boots give the look some edge. Old Navy has my favorite t-shirt dresses and they come in lots of different colors and are priced oh so right. 

2.) Camo + Combat

It doesn’t get much better than pairing your combat boots with camo. This is what they were meant to be paired with from the beginning. It’s what they were born from. The look is edgy and brings two ultra-hot trends together for one fantastic look. I paired them with jean shorts, a basic t-shirt and this light camo jacket. When tying your boots, don’t lace them up all the way. Tie your laces closer your ankle and you can even wrap the laces around the boot a few times for a fun, laid back look as I did pictured here.

3.) A Day Downtown

Who ever thought combat boots could be chic? They can! For this outfit I paired my favorite Spanx motto leggings with them. Add a leather jacket and big scarf for a classy twist. You’ll keep them guessing…she might go shopping at Tiffanys, or she might jump on her Harley. Or both! The look is fun and ultra-mod. I polled my pals over on my Instagram (@girlsgoalsandgongshows if you don’t follow) and this look came in second out of my five styled options. 

4.) Man, I Feel Like a Woman

Add a touch of masculinity and major high-fashion vibes with this look. I simply paired the boots with my favorite charcoal colored skinny jeans, a basic black turtle neck and then I borrowed one of Kurtis’s blazers. Oversized blazers are a huge trend. Mark this down. Huge. You’ll see them all over spring fashion campaigns. You don’t need to go buy one, just shop in your partner’s closet. If you have a day you want to feel powerful—this look will do it for you. Shoulder pads have a way of giving us courage.

5.) Simple Comfort

This is a look that any of you reading know you can rock. It’s probably why it was by far my most loved of the five when I polled my Instagram family. If you aren’t comfortable in combat boots, still hesitating, or this is your first go trying them out, I’d say start with this look. Simply grab your favorite comfort jeans and that oversized sweater you love. Throw on the boots and you can’t fail. This look is versatile for a casual date night, lunch with friends, errands and everything in-between. 

The possibilities are endless and I could keep going. You could do sexy netted tights with combat boots, skirts, an open button down with a fun graphic t-shirt underneath, ankle length coat over skinny jeans and a top, and so much more. So go for it. Have some fun. Go out on a limb and try something different by snagging a pair or dust off your old pair of Doc’s and start putting together some fun looks. Hey, I wasn’t kidding when I said plaid button down and ripped jeans.





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  1. You ALWAYS look darling but I wore combat boots while in the military and I am not a fan of them being a fashion statement. I feel the same about wearing crosses as jewelry. I just find it strangely disrespectful—just my opinion, of course!!! And it’s all a matter of personal opinion!!!

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    1. Oh totally! I get that–my mom used to hate me watching Madonna because of the crosses she wore. She thought it was sacrilegious. Do you feel the same way about camo then too? I can see how that would be similar as well. Thanks for your comment!!


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