Four Sprays to Protect Yourself & Home From Coronavirus


I promise I’m as sick of hearing about it as you are—the Coronavirus. While there are lots of jokes and memes out there about it, we do need to take a few extra precautions these days with this virus spreading. The World Health Organization officially declared it a pandemic–which is a big deal for them. 

The good news is that it’s pretty easy to take precautions against it—no, don’t go buy a bunch of toilet paper. How did that even HAPPEN!? As you probably know, washing your hands is the number one recommended way to protect yourself. I’m not sure why this is suddenly such a new concept for some. I find that terrifying actually. But maybe washing them even more? I can understand that. Sometimes we might be lax after sneezing or a cough or after giving your family pet a hug. Now is the time to tighten that up and scald those grimy hands with some water, soap and sing yourself a fun little song while you wash–I like “Oops!… I did it Again.” Doing a little extra cleaning and disinfecting should also be on top of your list. One big problem we are facing, is that a lot of places sold out of the sprays or wipes we usually grab. Luckily, I have a few homemade options for you that work like a charm. 

There are lots of different cleaning types out there. Some of you won’t touch bleach because of the chemicals. Others of you swim in it because, you know, diaper blowouts and vomit. Some of you love your oils. Some of you love 99% alcohol. Some of you like all natural and some of you don’t care about chemicals as long as it’s clean. You do you. No soapboxes here. There’s no award or absolute in this, which is why this post is so fun. I got you all covered.

Quite frankly, I dabble in them all (but I’m also the mom sending her kids to school with organic applesauce and Doritos). Today, I’m sharing some of my favorite disinfecting sprays that I’ve personally been using and that have been around and highly recommended for years. Regardless of your “type,” you should find one in here that matches your vibe. Hey, maybe you are a little of each type—then you can have fun playing around with them all. Each is fairly affordable and simple. Each has backing that they work (some more than others). Each are options for you during this ridiculously crazy—and let’s be honest—slightly scary time. But don’t save them just for Corona. They can be used year round.

For the Oily Type Disinfecting Room Spray

  • 16 oz GLASS Bottle With Spray Nozzle 
  • Purified Water
  • Witch Hazel
  • Lemon Essential Oil*
  • Thieves Essential Oil* 
  • Purification Essential Oil* 

Clean glass water bottle and nozzle. Fill bottle halfway with purified water. Fill the remaining with witch hazel. Add 25-30 drops of oils. I like to do equal parts on this one—10 drops lemon, 10 drops Purification and 10 drops Thieves. Gently shake to combine.

Witch hazel is used to help the oils combine and leave the oil scents in the room lingering longer after sprayed. This is a lovely mist to disinfect and purify your rooms.

*These are Young Living options because those are what I’m familiar with. I do know there are plenty of alternatives out there— Onguard, Immune Strength and Germ Fighter are a few alternatives to Thieves for example. Use the brand you love. If you are looking for a YL rep I know some pretty awesome ladies that will help you. Just let me know. 

For the Natural Type Disinfecting Surface Spray

Pour ingredients into bottle. Gently shake to mix. Spray any surface and let sit for a few minutes for products to truly kick in. Wipe with cloth. Do not use on marble or granite.

For the Hardcore Type Disinfecting Surface/Hand Spray

Mix two parts alcohol to one part water. Roughly 10-11 oz alcohol to 5-6 oz purified water. Shake. 

You don’t want to over-dilute the alcohol or its benefits are significantly reduced. 60% alcohol is arguably the magic number to effectively kill germs. 

Spray down any surface in question (restaraunt table for example). Wipe. Also can spray hands and wipe together. 

For the “I Want It DEAD” Type:

Purchase Lysol Disinfectant Spray (19oz bottle). These are still pretty widely available but I wouldn’t delay. Gently shake.

Spray everyone and everything.


Like I said, all of these are cost-effective, easy and efficient. I even like to make them with my girls–especially the disinfecting room spray. Now you can feel a little more on top of your game when combating not just the Coronavirus but also other germs lurking around your life as well.

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