“She Woke Up Early, But Didn’t Know Why.” Submitted by @carolannboutique

She woke up early, but didn’t know why. She laid  motionless in the dark. What woke me up? She wondered. The house was quiet. She closed her eyes—not to fall back asleep, but to do the mental checklist.  Hudson’s room was right below her. His Google was off. The story he asked it to play... Continue Reading →

“Just Sitting and Waiting, Again.” Submitted by @rachellep_

Just sitting and waiting, again. I survey the waiting room. This is my first time at the clinic since our move. To think, just a couple of days ago I was overjoyed at the thought of coming to this appointment. That had all changed when the spotting started. We moved our family of four—soon to... Continue Reading →


I’ve got a thing about teeth. How about you? Are they deal breakers for you? They sort of are for me. I know, that should make no sense considering I married a hockey player but he has all of his. He did take a puck to the mouth about three months before our wedding, chipping... Continue Reading →

Diary of a C-Section Mama: Red Chucks

The epidural was done and the glorious drug was making a slow crawl through my body, numbing me from the waist down. Kurtis was nowhere to be found and I was lying on my back enjoying the warmth of all the blankets they’d brought for me in the ice cold operating room. The excitement of... Continue Reading →

Nailed It

I have a confession—I don’t like getting my nails done. I don't like it so much that I've perfected doing my own nails at home. I'm going to teach you how to as well--in case you're like me. I know this is probably a rather unpopular opinion, but I’m not someone who looks forward to... Continue Reading →

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