“It is Pitch Black. I Feel the Leaves Crunching Under My Bare Feet.” Submitted by @mmbuchholz

It is pitch black. I feel the leaves crunching under my bare feet. I wish I had worn shoes. The darkness is quickly turning to gray as the promise of dawn approaches. It isn’t as early as you’d think—likely pushing seven or seven-thirty instead of the four or five in the morning you’d think because... Continue Reading →

“What is Something That You Fear the Most?” Submitted by @theropeswithlinds

“What is something that you fear the most?”  I cringe the second the words come out. It is quintessential me to ask something like that to someone I hardly know—kinda weird, kinda deep. But that’s me. Kinda weird. Kinda deep. I keep the friendly, flirty smile plastered on my face and hope he doesn’t see... Continue Reading →

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