“She Woke Up Early, But Didn’t Know Why.” Submitted by @carolannboutique

She woke up early, but didn’t know why. She laid  motionless in the dark. What woke me up? She wondered. The house was quiet. She closed her eyes—not to fall back asleep, but to do the mental checklist.  Hudson’s room was right below her. His Google was off. The story he asked it to play... Continue Reading →

“You Have Pancakes Every Day.” Submitted by @annypmk

“You have pancakes every day.” He chides. I stop. The forkful of pancake is dripping with maple syrup hovering in front of my recently injected lips. I watch a trickle of syrup slowly slide from the pancake to the fork and end in a pool on the white linen table cloth. “Does that bother you?”... Continue Reading →

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