“You Have Pancakes Every Day.” Submitted by @annypmk

“You have pancakes every day.” He chides. I stop. The forkful of pancake is dripping with maple syrup hovering in front of my recently injected lips. I watch a trickle of syrup slowly slide from the pancake to the fork and end in a pool on the white linen table cloth. “Does that bother you?”... Continue Reading →

“Oh crap! I completely forgot…” Submitted by @traceewllik

Oh crap! I completely forgot my green bag. Our brand new bungalow was modest, but it had a lovely kitchen. The perimeter was lined with ceiling-high espresso colored cabinets and the stainless steel Kenmore Elite appliances added a fun industrial splash to the modern decor. We had a large island in the middle and last... Continue Reading →

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