Five Fall Fashion Trends Worth Following

My auntie returned from Europe and brought with her a piece of clothing that flipped a small Midwest town on its head—a miniskirt. It may come as no surprise when I also tell you that she once gave me an incredible piece of fashion advice. I’ll get to that.

First of all, I’m deviating a little bit. This post doesn’t have many personal stories in it, just my opinions on what I know about fall fashion trends. I promised to be authentic with you, so here’s the scoop… I started a new post but I was still just a little too close to the events in it and had to step away into something a bit fluffier. In the writing world, the closer you are to something, the harder it can be to write. Bear with me though. I’ll get it out, just not yet.

I’m about to give you five fall fashion trends that I think are worth following or implementing in some way. I want to be crystal clear about two things though before we go any further. First, if you wear the outfit, you will always be in style. What? Yes. Let me say it again, if you wear the outfit, you will always be on trend. If the outfit wears you, it’s no good. I know you’ve been there—you were uncomfortable, self-conscious, possibly in pain? I mean, I get it. I’ve bled for fashion, cut off circulation and suffered next-day back pain. When the outfit wears you you’re all kinds of out of sorts. I hate to say it, but people notice. If we are uncomfortable, people usually know. But if you feel amazing and confident and love a piece of clothing to bits, people take notice of that as well. You know the piece—it hugs you in all the right places or is your power color that brings out your eyes or brings back certain memories of your first date with him. When we are confident, whether something is on trend or not, we demand to be noticed without even realizing it. We give off a great vibe to others and next thing you know, they’re asking where you got the shoes or bracelet or shirt. It’s because you look amazing in it, feel amazing in it, and are totally rocking it. Like. A. Boss. 

For my second point, I need to go back to my auntie. She once told me that every trend comes back. Chubby, not fashionable and confused, I didn’t get that. She said if I loved a particular piece, to keep it because it would be back in style again at some point. I really didn’t believe that one. Who in their right mind would ever wear Fanny Packs again? Or leggings, or sandals with socks? Literally everyone…again. 

Trends come and go and come and go and come back. I’m old enough now to have seen this on multiple occasions. One day those Fanny Packs are in, next day they’re the butt of fashion jokes and then the next day you catch yourself wearing one again. How did that happen!? Who let them back in!?

Auntie was right. If you love something, keep it. You may not wear it as often or it may stay tucked away for awhile, but that piece will come back on-trend and you’re going to save yourself a lot of money because, guess what, you already have those wide-legged jeans that are back. WHOOP!! So do the Marie Kondo thing when cleaning out your closet—does it spark joy? Don’t ask yourself if it’s trendy, ask if it brings joy. If the thought or memories of that piece make you happy or you see yourself in it again, keep it. Maybe it’s a well-made piece you really don’t want to give up on quite yet. Save it, if only for a rainy day, because chances are it will have another moment of glory. 

Ok, now that we have a few points cleared up, let’s have some fun and delve into my five favorite fashion trends this fall. I don’t necessarily love all of them, but if you do want to play around a bit and rock a trend or two this fall, these are the ones I suggest embracing. 

1.) Snakeskin

I’m kicking off the list with what I think is the most popular trend. Drumroll….SSSSSssnakeskin. To be perfectly honest, I hate snakes and I’m not a huge fan of this trend. Just thinking about snakeskin makes my own skin crawl. I can’t bring myself to wear snakeskin anywhere on my body other than my feet. I once had a snakeskin handbag (which I obviously should’ve kept) and I finally had to give it away because I couldn’t handle it. I literally couldn’t touch it because it felt too much like the real thing (or how I imagine because I sure as heck have never touched a snake). It felt real, let’s leave it at that. Also, anytime I was brave enough to use the bag, I’d hang it over my chair when dining, forget about it and then scream halfway through lunch because I thought a Python was behind me. 

My own feelings aside, snakeskin is all the rage for fall. I’ve seen shirts, coats, belts, shoes, handbags, swimsuits, kimonos, pants, you name it. As far as I’m concerned, a dead snake is the best snake, but for animal lovers out there you will be happy to know that most of it is faux. If you have a higher budget to work with and don’t give a rip about snakes, you can still get your hands on the real thing, too.   

So, how do you incorporate this slithery style? If you are of the squirmy type like myself, try the print on shoes. It isn’t as intense and is a subtle way to incorporate it into your fall wardrobe. These sneakers by Antonio Melani would be a good start. Link:

One thing to remember, like all hot trends, it will go. Make sure the items you invest in are items you will still want hanging in your closet a few months or years from now. I have a pair of the most fabulous heels I purchased in London that are black with snakeskin print up the back. I bought them years ago and they never go out of style. Not even when snakeskin was out of style. Why? Black heels are staple pieces. The snakeskin flair didn’t take away from the fact that they were your basic black heels with a fun detail. When you look at your closet a few seasons from now, are you going to be pumped to have tons of snakeskin patterns slithering around in your wardrobe? For me, I’d burn it the second it was gone. Maybe you are a snake loving gal. If the pattern excites you and you want to go bold, this shirt would be great to wear alone or under a sharp black blazer. Plus, it’s at a great price-point. Link:

2.) Camouflage 

I am of the belief system that camouflage (camo) will never go out of style. At one time, I was totally against it. I actually loathed camo and would have snarky thoughts towards anyone wearing it outside of a hunting lodge. As I learned more about fashion (and cleaned up my attitude), I quickly realized that camo was a staple print in the industry. I think it was when I saw Victoria Beckham wearing it that my thoughts began to shift. I mean, this was Posh Spice turned classy as heck fashion influencer and designer. She always looks sharp. Her comment was that everyone should have a great piece with the print in his or her closet. In the past few years, I’ve totally converted. 

The print is always hidden in stores somewhere but you’ve surly seen it sneaking its way into just about every boutique, runway and store as of late. Athleisure companies love it because it’s easy to incorporate into leggings, sports bras, sweatshirts and casual shirts. But you will find it elsewhere as well. Dresses, handbags, skirts, coats, jewelry, you name it. 

If you are as camo crazy as I am, you may want to consider a bolder piece. Below is a coat that I picked up last season from a boutique I love called Vivie Boutique. It’s priced well, made well and perfect for fall. Wear it with a hoodie underneath or a long-sleeved waffle top to totally rock the trend. Link:

Another one of my favorite camo purchases are these leggings from SPANX. I picked these up last year and I think they’re even hotter this fall than last. Here’s why this piece is a win-win-win situation. 1.) You’re rocking the camo trend 2.) You’re in high-wasted, sculpting pants. 3.) They are black camouflage for something different and black is always slimming. Figure flattering and trendy? Yes, please! They are a little pricy compared to some other legging options, but the quality and what it does for your bod makes it worth the price. This is a great option if you are someone who is wanting to do camo but may not be a huge fan of the green. Link:

Are you struggling with this one? Not a huge fan of camo? I’ve got ya covered. Try incorporating it subtly. Like the snakeskin scenario, you can do this on footwear or on a handbag. I think this below handbag by AHDORNED is absolutely gorgeous. It’s a great crossbody, sized well so that you can actually fit things into it and it’s classic black. The strap is nice and wide for extra comfort. The strap is also where you’ll see the camo pattern. It’s subtle but a very cool pop of pattern to jazz up the bag. Plus, a piece like this is a safe investment because it will ride the trend waves and always stay in style. Link:

3.) Puffed/Statement Sleeves 

My girl Anne Shirley would be all over this one. Dynamic, oversized, puffed sleeves. I’ve seen lifestyle bloggers drowning their arms in sleeves for about a month now and it’s not going away any time soon. I can get behind this one, when not totally out of control, for two reasons…

Reason number on is puffed sleeves = power statement. I wish shoulder pads would always be on trend. They broaden and heighten our shoulders and give a touch of masculinity. Bold. Ballsy. I love it. I’m not saying you need to go Gaga bold, but a little bit of height and curve goes a long way in elevating your outfit. This Anthropologie top is a great example and I’m a sucker for a well-named piece. It’s still feminine and delicate, but that extra little puff on the sleeve takes the look to next level confident. Think of confident people—they stand straight and tall. Puffed sleeves give that illusion whether you’re standing tall or exhausted. Life on the rocks? Wear puffed sleeves. No one will know you’re verging on your annual breakdown. Link:

My second reason for getting onboard with this trend is lots of arm room = comfort. Who doesn’t love a good, comfy, oversized sweater? The statement sleeves of the season aren’t tight and constraining. They aren’t skin-showing or lacy. They are oversized, chunky, and blankety (is that a word? It is for now). You’re going to look so comfy casual cute that everyone is going to want to wrap you up and snuggle. This may terrify some of you, but you get my point. The below sweater is sweet and stylish with those big, comfy sleeves. Plus, it’s in one of the hottest colors of the season—lilac. It’s priced well, too, which always helps. Link:

4.) Fleece

Mary had a little lamb whose wool was one of the hottest fall trends. This trend was on the rise last winter and doesn’t seem to have dwindled over the summer. I love this particular option because it feels really safe. Like, can’t we all get behind comfy, cozy fleece? Ok, yea, those of you who are always hot may not love this one. Actually the thought of fleece may have you sweating already, but for a lot of us it’s a safe bet. Even if you live in a warmer climate (speaking from experience on this one), this is a wonderful transition piece for cooler fall nights and into winter. I’m not necessarily talking fleece-lined leggings or blankets, think more along the lines of pullovers and jackets. Obviously there are some out-of-control options that rocked the runways, but I’m going to stick to the basics on this one.

My favorite option for someone looking to try this trend is a Sherpa fleece pullover. They give you a, “I just went skiing” or, “I might be going skiing” look whether you’ve ever touched a ski in your life or not. Pair it with some leggings and hiking boots and you are fall’s trend darling. I love this Etsy option. Not only is it Sherpa and soft as can be, but you can monogram it as well and I love me a good monogram. Link:

Another great option, and one I personally own, is this pullover from The Sherpa Pullover Company. It’s oversized, warm and bit thinner than some of the other ones out there. Cozy is an understatement on this piece and it comes in a load of colors. This runs large, so keep that in mind when ordering. Link:

You may not have to invest a dime. A lot of you probably have some fleece (or fleece looking) pieces laying around your house. Maybe an older North Face fleece jacket? A leather jacket lined with it? The nice thing about this fall trend is that if you invest in something like a pullover or even a jacket, you will still be able to wear these long after the trend passes. I actually think everyone should invest in a really great, comfy, Sherpa fleece for your closet. It will stand the test of time and man oh man is it comfy. 

5.) Dusters

I’m not talking Swiffer here. Wouldn’t that be a cruel joke? Hottest trend of fall—dusting your house. Ew. No, the dusters I’m referring to are the loose fitting coats. Think of Clint Eastwood in the old Spaghetti Westerns. Or John Wayne might be even better—Eastwood wore a lot of ponchos. Dusters are long, loose, light coats. Dusters have evolved to now include duster sweaters, cover-ups and even kimonos. The nice thing about this trend is that you can stick to something really basic and make it a safe bet. A simple black sweater duster can be worn for years whether dusters are in or not. Going with a particular print is a bit bolder. A full-on fall trend would be a snakeskin print duster (which I’ve seen). 

This clothing piece is also great because despite your climate, you can find ways to incorporate it into your wardrobe. If you live somewhere that is quite mild, a kimono duster is a great option because the fabric is light and airy. This one from Pink Lily Boutique might be a great option of you. Pair it with jeans and a camisole for a great date-night look. Link:

If you are feeling the John Wayne don’t mess with Texas vibe and want to go a little badass, try this duster cape. Capes are actually another huge fall trend, so you’d be knocking out two in one. It’s a bold statement piece, comes in quite a few colors and is affordable. Pair it with your leather leggings and over-the-knee boots and you will feel like Superwoman hitting the town. Link:

If you live in a cooler climate, it may be worth investing in a classic duster coat. They are still fairly light, so if you reside in The Frozen Tundra, you may only be able to wear it for the fall and early spring seasons. It’s still a great option to throw on over your outfit and it can definitely make a statement even if you are taking it off once indoors. This one caught my eye because it has a plaid print. Plaid is another pattern trending this fall, so you’ve got yourself another two for one in this piece. If you do go with this one, be sure to size down. The reviews say it runs quite large. Link:

Again, remember that if you truly love a piece, it will always be in-style. Don’t get too hung up on trends. It’s fun to give a few a try, though, whether you go balls to the wall or incorporate it subtly. The above links I gave are also just suggestions. Maybe they aren’t your price point. That’s why they are just suggestions. I love looking at really high-end pieces I’d never purchase, not to depress myself, but to use them as a guide to go find something similar in a more cost effective price point. All I’m saying is have fun with it and see if there is something you can possibly get behind to try out this fall. Which of the trends will you be trying this fall? Any of them you can’t wait to see die? As always, I love to hear your voices below in the comments. Happy fall ya’ll! 


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  1. Omg thank you so much for this!!! I have zero fashion sense 🤣🤣 I loooove that you said if I wear the outfit I’m in style. Yaaaay!! It’s all about confidence right! Can not get behind the sleeves and not to sure about the snakeskin (although my handbag has some on it) but camo I am ALL over. Great tips!!

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